It’s ALL about content!

Building your brand

Often when working with my clients they tell me they don’t have time to write content. They often feel vulnerable posting, especially if their business is new and they are not familiar with social media.
But when you are a small business it is imperative that YOU are the face of your business and use your ‘content’ to start creating ‘conversations’ with your followers.
People are often attracted to ‘brands’ when they get a sense of the person behind the business and know a little of their story.
Your business story is important so try creating a little about you and your business in your next post.
It is crucial to bear in mind that you’re not selling, you are posting with the mindset of how can I help and be of value.
Try not to overthink your post. Be honest, genuine and most important of all, be yourself.
Always be positive and try to overcome negative self-talk.
If you need any assistance with creating content, I would love to help.
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Sue Scobie – Building Your Brand