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Building your brand

Why you need a social media plan that works!

The answers are pretty simple but so important. * to build your brand and grow your business * to promote your goods and services * to build and nurture relationships with existing customers * to reach out to new customers The good news is that your social media plan doesn’t need to be: * time-consuming…
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It’s ALL about content!

Often when working with my clients they tell me they don’t have time to write content. They often feel vulnerable posting, especially if their business is new and they are not familiar with social media. But when you are a small business it is imperative that YOU are the face of your business and use…
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Social Media made easy!

It doesn’t matter how small your business or budget, every business should have a social media strategy. Why? * To build your brand * To humanise your company * To build trust * To promote your business, your products and services, your employees and clients  * To be recognised as the expert in your field…
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5 Common Social Media Mistakes

Are you winning with your social media? Are you looking to start or improve your social media strategy? Here is a list of five common mistakes to try and avoid. Not having a plan: No matter how small your business or marketing budget is, you should have a plan. Define your goals and how you’re…
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When is the right time to post?

by Sue Scobie  While it is a valid question, there is not a definitive answer. Whether you want to increase engagement or boost your reach – timing is dependent on a number of things. For example, your industry, the type of audience you have, the products or service you offer, what you post, how often…
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It’s official! Sue Scobie is here!

I am so excited to join the ranks of the self-employed and can’t wait to start helping small businesses with their social media solutions. Here’s a little more about me.